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Guest Post: Quick Valentine Rundown on boy bands

Let’s admit it.  We all fell in love with the Backstreet Boys because they are incomparable to the different boybands available in the market to like.  We have chosen Backstreet… Read more »

News: When was the last time you asked Siri about your favorite boy bands?

This morning in my woken slumber, I found out that the iPhone’s helper, Siri, knows her boy bands.

Guest Post: Sounds familiar? Little trivia with at least 5 @BackstreetBoys songs similarly titled by other artists

Ever ran into a song that you knew as a Backstreet Boys’ hit, only to find out it is of the same title but by a different artist? Here are… Read more »

4 things ’90s boy bands are better at than modern boy bands

Let’s be blunt – the boy bands in the ’90s had it going on. Of course, looking back now, there were a few things that the bands could have done… Read more »

Harry Styles on ‘Saturday Night Live’ might be the best thing ever

Harry Styles hit up “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday for his first solo performance, performing his first single, “Sign of the Times,” and another single from his upcoming album, “Ever… Read more »

So Zayn Malik is behind a new boy band drama with the ‘Law & Order’ people? Yes, please!

According to Billboard.com, Zayn Malik, you know, the one guy that left One Direction at the height of their fame due to anxiety and wanting to be a normal guy,… Read more »