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#AskTheFangirl: Favorite Backstreet wife, BSB Vegas, fan fiction and thirsty people

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Fangirl Movie Review: ‘Dead 7,’ written, produced and starring @NickCarter

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Photos: @NickCarter and wife @Lauren_Kitt did a pregnancy photoshoot and it will make you cry

But cry in a good way… not in the psycho way that some fans behave! The photos are absolutely stunning and I’m not one to like photos like this or… Read more »

Thoughts: If you can’t be happy for @NickCarter, are you a real fan?

It’s never been a secret that some Backstreet Boys fans haven’t been to fond of Lauren Kitt-Carter. Why? Who knows. She’s absolutely lovely and has been each and every time… Read more »

VIDEO: Guess what? It’s official… @NickCarter and @Lauren_Kitt are having a Backstreet Boy!

While US Magazine reported it last week, they got his age wrong and we were not going to post ANYTHING until it came from Nick or Lauren themselves, or their… Read more »

Video: @NickCarter Goes West: Comic Con 2015 Exclusive Panel Interview

On Thursday July 9,2015, I arrived in San Diego at this year’s Comic Con 2015 convention. Normally, I don’t attend these events anymore [due to personal reasons] but when Nick… Read more »

7 things we love about @NickCarter and @Lauren_Kitt’s relationship (Happy 1st anniversary!)

On Sunday, April 12, Nick and Lauren Kitt-Carter will celebrate one year as a married couple. It seems like just yesterday that they announced their engagement, right? And now they… Read more »

5 times you have to admit you’re jealous of the @BackstreetBoys wives

While 99.5 percent of us are happy the Backstreet Boys have found love, have beautiful families and have someone who loves them for themselves, sometimes we can’t help to find… Read more »