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Playlist: 25 @BackstreetBoys songs that could have been singles

Every Backstreet Boys album usually will have two or three songs that are released as singles to the public and to the radio with possible music videos that go along… Read more »

Guest Post: Analysis: Looking at the @BackstreetBoys’ ‘In A World Like This’ lyrics poster

If you are one of the avid fans who grabbed the two for $10 mystery posters at the fan club, you must have been filled with delightful glee upon receiving… Read more »

Slideshow: #BSBArmy shares ‘In A World Like This’ tour memories @BackstreetBoys

Today is the day that will mark Backstreet history. Tonight, Backstreet Boys will be performing the final show of the ‘In A World Like This’ Tour in Monterrey, Mexico…. [enter… Read more »

22 Reasons Why I Love the @BackstreetBoys (by @RebeliousMissa)

The Backstreet Boys are celebrating their 22nd anniversary as a band. It’s been 22 years since Brian got the call that led him to Florida (Let me tell you the… Read more »

Favorite @BackstreetBoys Memory: Missa (@RebeliousMissa)

In honor of our first birthday contest where fans are sending in their favorite Backstreet Boys memory, a few of us here at Boys on the Block are going to be… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Compare @OneDirection to @BackstreetBoys.

LONG TIME NO SEE BOTB-sters. I have recently fallen “victim” to the fandom of One Direction. I haven’t paid much attention to them ever until they gave out their song “Fireproof”… Read more »

AJ McLean Selling Home For 1.79 Million.

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Unless any of you crazy fans happen to have 1.79 million, your dreams of owning the same home as AJ McLean are dwindling to nothing. AJ has recently listed his… Read more »

THINspirational Backstreet Boy.

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*All pictures used are from AJ’s personal Instagram account. I do not own them and was given permission to use them by AJ himself. If you follow AJ on Instagram,… Read more »

Denise Solis Interview

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Hey everyone! Mary here. Obviously. I first want to say thanks to Denise. She is such a lovely woman and deserves every bit of praise any of us can give… Read more »

I Attended The NYC Screening of The Backstreet Boys Movie!!!

Last week I happened to be on Twitter when the announcement that there would be a contest for  two screenings of the new Backstreet Boys documentary “Show ‘Em What You’re Made… Read more »

Exclusive: Bonus AJ McLean (@skulleeroz) Interview Question

As a fan of AJ McLean, I knew being able to do this interview would change my life. I know just about everything there is to know and yet, he… Read more »

The AJ McLean Projects.

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AJ is undoubtedly one of the most energetic people I have ever come to know. He always has had a million projects going on that will take years to finish…. Read more »