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Video: Backstreet Boys perform on Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Eve special

Thanks to Emilia over at Kaos Online, there’s now video of the Backstreet Boys performance from Fox’s New Year’s Eve special with Steve Harvey from Sunday night. The concert was… Read more »

Video: Backstreet Boys discuss 25th anniversary, Vegas, etc.

The Backstreet Boys attended a press conference before the start of their two Cancun shows this past weekend to close out 2017. The guys discussed a  lot of stuff, from… Read more »

Thoughts: Misconceptions about the Backstreet Boys fandom drive me insane

You know what I’m talking about – the misconception that Backstreet Boys fans are nothing but a bunch of crazy fangirls who think they are going to end up marrying… Read more »

A beginner’s guide to @BackstreetBoys for new fans

 So you’re a new Backstreet Boys fan? While the group has been around for almost 25 years, you have just seen the light and realized the greatness that is Kevin,… Read more »

Where were you 17 years ago? Happy birthday to @BackstreetBoys’ ‘Black & Blue’

Can you believe that 17 years ago today, the Backstreet Boys’ released their follow-up to “Millennium,” “Black and Blue?” It was also 17 years ago that they landed in New… Read more »

Blake Shelton? How did the Backstreet Boys not make People’s Sexiest Man list?

How on earth did country singer Blake Shelton win People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive contest? As several memes have asked, “Did everybody else die?!” 

Video: James Corden becomes the sixth @BackstreetBoys member in Vegas and it’s magical

Something amazing happened in Las Vegas on Friday night and it wasn’t someone getting hitched!

Review/Slideshow: @BackstreetBoys show Atlanta they are still ‘Larger Than Life’

QTopia was amazing. It was perfect that my favorite local pop station brought my favorite artists, Backstreet Boys, to my town, but also brought some other good acts

Guest Post: Analysis: Looking at the @BackstreetBoys’ ‘In A World Like This’ lyrics poster

If you are one of the avid fans who grabbed the two for $10 mystery posters at the fan club, you must have been filled with delightful glee upon receiving… Read more »

Backstreet Regrets: Even the biggest fans have a few things they regret

Whether you were an adult and became a Backstreet Boys fan, or you were in middle school and thought you were going to marry Nick Carter, every fan has done… Read more »