Guest Post: Quick Valentine Rundown on boy bands

February 11, 2018 Maria Dolores Dino 0

Let’s admit it.  We all fell in love with the Backstreet Boys because they are incomparable to the different boybands available in the market to like.  We have chosen Backstreet Boys as the music band we will love over the others.  As long-standing fans of the Backstreet Boys, we simply love boybands, right?  We would […]

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Open Letter to 1D fans: From One Boyband fan to Another.

March 25, 2015 Karah-Leigh 0

Dear Directioners, There comes a time in a fangirls life when their favourite band breaks their heart a little, and today… I feel for you all. As a boyband fan of over 25 years, I have been where you fangirls (and boys) have been, many… many times. From 1995, and Robbie Williams leaving Take That, […]