The original BSB bromance: Frick & Frack

In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ 2014 Summer “In A World Like This” tour kicking off in Canada this weekend, let’s take a look back at the original bromance from the group. I’m not talking about SweetRok or Nowie. I’m […]

Nick and Knight talk to the Huffington Post

Nick Carter and Jordan Knight both talked to the Huffington Post on Wednesday to discuss their new album, “Nick and Knight.” I may have made an appearance.

Games and activities on the 2014 BSB Cruise

Last year on the 2013 Backstreet Boys cruise it seemed like they did something different, especially with the solo activities. What kind of activities would you like to see on the cruise this time? [yop_poll id=”3″]

2014 Backstreet Boys Cruise Themes

The cruise is still 218 days away, but let’s face it – a lot of us are already thinking about themes. The themes are one of the most fun parts of the cruises. I remember for the 2011 cruise, I […]