This Day in History: May 10, 1990

On this day, May 10, in 1990, New Kids on the Block’s first single from their third studio album (fourth overall), Step by Step, was released. The single, by the same title, went on to No. 1 on the Billboard […]

Flashback Friday: Old School Carter

There’s nothing really like it – old school Nick Carter. The floppy hair… the sweet smile… and knowing underneath there’s this dirty little freak who thinks aliens are real and loves his Tampa Bay Buccanears. Let’s take a look back […]

O-Town announces first U.S. dates

O-Town has announced their first U.S. dates for their big comeback. While they are hitting Europe this summer, they will be heading to the U.S. at least in November according to the link they tweeted and the dates on the […]

This Day in History: May 6, 1996

On this day 18 years ago, the Backstreet Boys released their very first album, which most fans today refer to as the “red” album. While the album was released in Europe on May 6, it didn’t get released in Canada […]

Flashback: The original “Please Don’t Go Girl”

There is really nothing like it. Little Joey McIntyre and his impressive singing skills and hand movements. Then there are Donnie and Danny’s sweaters and Danny’s awkward whispering to the girl in flashbacks. Thankfully they remade the video. But how […]

This Day In History: May 4, 2008

On this date, May 4, in 2008, the Backstreet Boys performed in Brussels, Belgium on their “Unbreakable” tour. Check out a few videos from that night below. Isn’t it amazing how much cell phone and digital video has come in […]

Why Boys on the Block?

There are several reasons I have started this site. I will list them one by one. I love boy bands and have since I was a little girl. My goal in life is to a be a full-time music reporter. […]

The original BSB bromance: Frick & Frack

In honor of the Backstreet Boys’ 2014 Summer “In A World Like This” tour kicking off in Canada this weekend, let’s take a look back at the original bromance from the group. I’m not talking about SweetRok or Nowie. I’m […]