European New Kids Merchandise.

To those who didn’t buy European NKOTB merchandise, or to those who want to buy more here’s a link for it:

Jenny and Donnie.

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are an incredible couple. They’re kind. They’re dirty minded. They show their love for their fans. They support each other (That’s really cute). They make a sexy couple. They are good people. They seem fun […]

NKOTB European Tour.

The New Kids have recently finished their European Tour…. It was incredible. Here are some of the highlights of the European Tour. They covered two boy bands (Take That and One Direction). Joey kissed fans. The New Kids went into […]

‘I Need A Melody’ by NKOTB.

The New Kids have sent cruisers a download for a new song called ‘I Need A Melody’…. It’s the song that Danny & Joey were singing on the cruise. This song is really incredible. However, some people aren’t cruising, which […]

AJ McLean visits KTLA Morning News (w/ video)

AJ McLean visited the KTLA Morning News crew Thursday morning to discuss the boys show with Avril Lavigne at The Forum. He tweeted Wednesday night that they were going to talk about the cruise, but with how news shows work, […]

OTown releases new single, “Skydive”

O-Town has released a new single, called “Skydive,” on their official site, You can listen to the song there and also preorder it from the link on the site. Also, the boys will be releasing a new album, “Lines […]