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Going to concerts isn’t a hobby – it’s a way of life

I wish more people understood why I love going to concerts so much. They think it’s a hobby and in a way, it is, but to me, going to concerts is almost as essential is air and water. Since I was in fourth grade, which I guess I was 9-years-old, concerts have been my life.

Happy 15th annivesary to the @BackstreetBoys’ “Drowning” <3

On October 16, 2001, the Backstreet Boys’ released a country-inspired single from their “Greatest Hits” album called “Drowning.” The song, which ironically enough co-written by Linda Thompson who previously was… Read more »

Vegas, @BackstreetBoys, ticket buying stress…. oh my!

I had said not too long ago that if the Backstreet Boys did Vegas, I probably wouldn’t go. That I would wait and do the next cruise. And just like… Read more »

Confession: Preparing for a @BackstreetBoys cruise is a lot of detailed work

You would think that coming up with the money for a European Backstreet Boys cruise would be the hard part of the whole idea. In fact, it wasn’t. For the… Read more »

Confession: Being a professional, and being a @NickCarter fangirl, is hard work

So as everybody knows, I got amazing front row tickets with my friends for Nick Carter’s Nashville show and thankfully, God Bless America, he added a second show.