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Through the good times and bad times … how being @BackstreetBoys fans made us stronger

As Backstreet Boys fans, we’ve never had it “easy” per say. Whether it was taking up for being a fan in middle school, high school, college or professional life, we… Read more »

Ask The Fangirl: Everything you need to know about the Backstreet Boys Cruise

The sixth Backstreet Boys cruise takes off next May and presales begin on Tuesday for former cruisers and Backstreet Boys fan club members. To say the least, this might be… Read more »

Calling all fangirls – a documentary (@boybandfangirl_) needs your help!

If you’ve been visiting this site and when the site was Boys on the Block, you remember a documentary called, “I Used To Be Normal.” It’s being developed by two… Read more »

Harry Styles on ‘Saturday Night Live’ might be the best thing ever

Harry Styles hit up “Saturday Night Live” this Saturday for his first solo performance, performing his first single, “Sign of the Times,” and another single from his upcoming album, “Ever… Read more »

Ask The Fangirl: How do you get front row concert tickets?

Note: This is the first edition of #AskTheFangirl, a post that I’m going to make once a week where I answer fans questions about anything and everything when it comes… Read more »

When people complain about ‘traditional’ country music …

I was born into country music. I grew up in country music. I live and breathe country music. Yes, I love my boy bands, pop music and rock and gangsta… Read more »

The day Backstreet Boys and Florida Georgia Line almost killed me with happiness…

  On Sunday, April 2, 2017, I, Karah-Leigh, was probably the happiest girl in the whole wide world. Why? Because my all-time favorite group – Backstreet Boys – were at… Read more »

‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ – The ultimate boy band fangirl movie

First off, when I say “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” I don’t mean the movie starring The Beatles. That’s an awesome movie and all, but the one I’m talking about… Read more »