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Thoughts: 2017 is the best time to be a @BackstreetBoys fan

I know what you’re thinking. You read the title of this post and you’re like, “what the…” I know. Most people would think that I might be on crack for… Read more »

Boy Band TV: @NickLachey reveals more details about new show with @DonnieWahlberg spoke with Nick Lachey about news that was released a while back discussing a new boy band television show with Donnie Wahlberg. And I think this could be a… Read more »

Five of the greatest quotes from the media about @BackstreetBoys appearance on ‘The Bachelor’

As a member of the media, I can appreciate a good review and I’ve been reading a lot of them over the past 24 hours since the Backstreet Boys showed… Read more »

Thank you Jesus! My fangirling dreams of @BackstreetBoys going country is coming true! Sorta…

Let’s be clear, I’ve always been a country music fan and probably always will be, even if I’m not too crazy with some of the artists right now. But since… Read more »

Five things I want to see from @BackstreetBoys’ Las Vegas residency

Beginning in March 2017, the Backstreet Boys will be starring in a small Las Vegas residency, taking over for Britney Spears to test out the magic of the strip.