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Florida Gators players sing Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) at karaoke

University of Florida head football coach Will Muschamp told players Wednesday night that Gators practice was cancelled and they were going to go relax and sing some karaoke. Besides some… Read more »

NEWS: Backstreet Boys (@backstreetboys) are in NYC working on a project

Brian has been seen around New York in the past few days. AJ recently tweeted about flying there as well and now we have more picture proof. Brian and his… Read more »

Nick Carter (@nickcarter): Facing the music – Inspiring Quotes

“The greatest gift you and I will ever receive is the realization that we can and should take responsibility for our own lives. We can rise above.” ~ Nick Carter… Read more »

OPINION: ‘5 guys stand in a place and sing soulfully’… aka every BSB music video concept ever?

The Backstreet Boys have always had this uncanny ability to create absolutely boring music videos. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule (Just Want You to Know, Everybody, Larger… Read more »

Video: AJ McLean (@skulleeroz) gets iced! Takes part in Ice Bucket Challenge and calls out… who?

AJ McLean took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Saturday after being challenged by Jason Ellis on Friday. His friend Mark poured the ice over his head but before… Read more »