Ask The Fangirl: @BackstreetBoys cruise themes for the win

May 23, 2017 Karah-Leigh 0

Hey everybody! I’m here with a little edition of #AskTheFangirl. We’ve only got two questions in since the last edition, so let’s get cracking. Hey Karah! Since youve been on a few cruises, what has been your favorite cruise theme so far?! Oh yah and what kind of themes do you want the BSB to […]

How to get ready for the 2018 @BackstreetBoys cruise

April 20, 2017 Contributer 0

By Christina (@SingMyBlu) So the Backstreet Boys Cruise has officially been announced, and I know there are many questions that I had that were not in the FAQ that I wish I knew when I went on my first cruise. This upcoming cruise is going to be my third and I could not be more […]