Opinion: So about that @NickCarter and Melissa Schuman story going around …

I know a lot of people have asked me why I haven’t commented about this on my site. There’s one reason for that.

I tried to be quiet about everything dealing with it because not only do I help represent the boys online with writing for the site, I’m also a Nick girl and also a victim of sexual abuse.

It’s not me for me to judge anybody considering I’m not angel and I’ve been through my own things, but I am a Backstreet girl. I’m a Nick girl. There is no victim shaming here and there definitely won’t be any Nick-shaming. I’m ‘a part of the #MeToo movement, also.

But there are some things that several of us BSB webmasters are confused about when it comes to the allegations. One being that “The Hollow” didn’t start filming until 2003 after the “Now or Never” tour was over and before Nick ever dated Paris Hilton.  Melissa, in her allegation post, said it was 2002.

There are several other confusing things that Sara over at What Happens on the Backstreet has posted about on her site.

Per Sara:

Probably the most questionable fact regarding Melissa and Nick has been the fact that Melissa Schuman follows Nick Carter on Twitter. Even after many fans pointing this out, she has not unfollowed him. Melissa joined Twitter in April 2008 and Nick didn’t join until March 2009. This was 6 and 7 years after the alleged incident and it isn’t a case of “follow back” since Nick does not follow her.

Interesting, right?

Check out Sara’s post here.

And remember, the best way to support Nick in this matter is to not feed the trolls online bashing him.

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