November #LinkLove Post – Check out these awesome sites!

We love to share the love here on The Fangirling Life, even though sometimes we complain sometimes.

Once a month we try to do a #LinkLove and while we forgot to do it in October (we were a little busy), we are totally going to continue with it and this month we have some good ones for you!

The Darkside of Backstreet – If you haven’t been to Rose’s site, then maybe you should. Her blog not only has some in depth blog posts about the Backstreet Boys, but she also has a kick-ass video collection of everything Backstreet. Plus, there’s a message board (which was the beginning of The Darkside name). It’s pretty much the biggest forum in the fandom. – Another Backstreet Boys’ site (duh) that is run by Audrey and is a pretty cool fan site that updates a lot with photos and other news. The site has a kick-ass photo gallery, by the way!

Mandy Moore Daily It’s a Tumblr, but it’s an AWESOME Tumblr account. Even though sometimes I rarely log into my account, I visit this site at least once a week for my dose of everything Mandy Moore. Plus the gifs from “This Is Us” is to die for! Then again, anything Mandy Moore is to die for. #ShesMyFave

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