Blake Shelton? How did the Backstreet Boys not make People’s Sexiest Man list?


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  1. Blake shelton is the ugliest. but the editors of people have to be nothing but BLIND to look over our beautiful backstreet boys. seriously??? each boy is a beautiful soul in their own way and MORE deserving t hen any of the choices that were picked in the issue. You can call me bias but I don’t care. Backstreet boys DESERVE to be honored with sexiest man alive, they deserve it more then any lame ass actor, or country ugly musician, or tv star or youtube person. BACKSTREET Boys aren’t a fad unlike the rest that were chosen by people magazine. Our boys worked hard for what they were given, they are very sweet guys to each other, fans , friends and family. BSB ALSO Have NEVER stopped in their career of soon to be 25 years. Humble guys only care about making great music and being here for the fans. Love you always backstreet boys.

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