News: @LanceBass is making a Lou Pearlman documentary and we are shook

Former ‘NSYNCer Lance Bass sat down with CBS News recently to talk about his new show, “The ’90s House” on MTV, and dropped a little bomb.

The Mississippi native is currently editing a documentary he’s filmed about Lou Pearlman for YouTube Red.

My latest documentary is being edited now. It’ll be out I think in November. It’s all about Lou Pearlman, our manager. It’s going to be a YouTube Red documentary. It was amazing to sit the *NSYNC guys down, Backstreet Boys, all of the groups that had any experience with Lou. We took a really deep look into his life from birth to death. It was fascinating.

Back up. The Backstreet Boys are going to be in it? O-Town maybe? LFO? Did O-Town take part in this? What about Nikki DeLoach and the rest of the Innosense girls?

Better yet, did he talk to JC Chasez? I miss JC.

Regardless, Mr. Bass, we are going to need some more information about this diddy.

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