Ask The Fangirl: @Harry_Styles makes history and @NiallOfficial… Oh Em Gee

Another edition of #AskTheFangirl and sorry it’s been slow around here again. My mother is in the hospital again and we are down two people at work. That means Karah’s busy and stressed.

But, that doesn’t mean she stops fangirling.

Or talking in third person apparently.

Did you get tickets to see Harry in concert on his tour?! I got tickets to the Chicago show! – Anna

Yes! I was also extremely lucky to get three tickets for me, Lacy and her niece at the Atlanta concert. Lacy pulled up bad seats and I pulled three general admissions and snatched them! I can’t wait!

are u liking niall’s new song slow hands? – anonymous

OMG…. you have no idea how much I am liking this song. I love the raspiness of his voice. I love the guitar. I love the sexiness of it. And I have to remind myself that I’m almost 37 and this guy is like what, 22? 23? Rawr. It’s. So. Good.

Haven’t seen it?

Got a question? Hit me up!


I'm a 30-something-year-old fangirl from Georgia, but basically grew up in Florida. I'm a former journalist, but still a writer, blogger and fangirl 24/7. Nick Carter owns me and Joey McIntyre has had my heart since 1987. I've been obsessed with "Friends" since 1995 and love Jay and Silent Bob.

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