So, LFO is going on tour … Say what?

Yes, you read that right. LFO, you know, the guys who fell in love with the girl on TV and chinese food made them sick, is going on tour.

Just one problem – lead singer Rich Cronin died in September 2010 after suffering from cancer and cancer-related complications for the last few years of his life.

But the other two guys in the group, Brad Fischetti and Devin Lima, have been hinting at things on social media, responding to tweets from several years back and now have an instagram account.

And guess what was posted today?

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The guys will be hitting the following cities:

7/21/17 Gainesville, FL
7/22/17 Jacksonville, NC
7/23/17 Myrtle Beach, SC
7/25/17 Vienna, VA
7/26/17 Philadelphia, PA
7/27/17 New York, NY
7/28/17 Halethorpe, MD
7/29/17 Akron, OH
7/30/17 Buffalo, NY
8/01/17 Pittsburgh, PA
8/02/17 Columbus, OH
8/03/17 Charlotte, NC
8/04/17 Atlanta, GA
8/05/17 Orlando, FL


My question is, how are they going to pull this off? Rich was the lead singer of the band… the rapper, the one that people recognized as the lead guy. Not to count out Brad or Devil because they both have great voices, but it would be like if NKOTB went on without Jordan or Joey or Boyz II Men went on without Nate.

This should be interesting, but exciting. Happy they have an ATL date. I’ll definitely be there with bells on!

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