Dear Joey McIntyre, ‘Return of the Mac’ is hella cute

Julia and Karah with Joey McIntyre (2015)

Dear Joseph McIntyre, aka my first celebrity love,

Your new television show is hella cute. I mean, I smiled the entire time I was watching it. Why? Because it’s you. Sure, it’s fake, but I love the fact that your real family is in it and you are playing an alternate version of yourself.

It’s refreshing, yet pretty damn cool.

Barrett is a doll. I’ve never seen her in interviews or anything, only photos, but she’s actually really good at this stuff. And the kids? The kids are perfect. Your little family is perfect.

And like that woman at The Comfy Channel, you also reached in and grabbed my heart during “Please Don’t Go Girl” on the Summer Magic Tour.

I’m sorry I missed you when you came to Atlanta for the Xfinity tour. It was a weird weekend and I was depressed and didn’t feel like driving the 10 miles. Sad, I know, since I won’t be seeing you backstage during VIP this summer (two days after my birthday!).

Please keep this show up. I don’t get the Pop Channel because I don’t have cable, but I will find a way to watch. Always.


The girl who thought she would be your wife,

Karah (@Princess_Karah)

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