Way Back Wednesday: @BackstreetBoys’ 1996 interview with Sonia Benezra

There’s nothing like an old Backstreet Boys interview where they are still fresh-faced babies who dream of stardom.

Who are we kidding, they are still fresh-faced! They don’t age! On one of their early bonding trips in Orlando, they must of went over to the Fountain of Youth that Ponce De Leon found in St. Augustine because I swear…

But, watch the video. It’s a nice little treat for a boring hump day.


2 thoughts on “Way Back Wednesday: @BackstreetBoys’ 1996 interview with Sonia Benezra

  1. Lorelie

    Hi Karah Leigh! Wondering if you could help me out? Saw on Twitter about an article asking about the boys, but forgot where I read it and how to contact the site to contribute articles for it. All I know is about the BSB vs other boy bands. Composed my write up for it but now dunno where to send it, I know, silly me lol but if you are writing one for your own, I’d love to submit it with yours if possible. Thanks a bunch! Mabuhay from the Philippines :o) the site name starts with letter C

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