Photos: @NickCarter and wife @Lauren_Kitt did a pregnancy photoshoot and it will make you cry


I'm a 30-something-year-old fangirl from Georgia, but basically grew up in Florida. I'm a former journalist, but still a writer, blogger and fangirl 24/7. Nick Carter owns me and Joey McIntyre has had my heart since 1987. I've been obsessed with "Friends" since 1995 and love Jay and Silent Bob.

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  1. So beautiful & adorable!!! Cant wait till we get to see this gorgeous Carter baby once he arrives!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! ❤️

  3. These pictures are so unbelievably gorgeous!!!! There is so much love between the two of them and for their unborn child. I can’t wait to see the bay when he is born.

  4. Love these. They are gorgeous!! So happy for them

  5. They’re so beautiful i love those pics

  6. Vcs viram isso? Lindo lindo Rubia Soster Débora da Cruz Laura Ricaldone Flavia Ramalho

  7. LOVE the photos!!! Nick looks soooo happy! Lauren looks absolutely stunning!!!

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