Why do I like stoner comedies?

I don’t drink or do drugs, but I love stoner comedies – ie: anything with Seth Rogen or anything by Kevin Smith. (Once they did a movie together and I almost had a heart attack)

My most recent favorite would probably be “This is the End” mostly because Seth, James Franco and Craig Robinson are in it, plus Danny McBride and Jonah Hill. Let’s not mention that the Backstreet Boys are in it, along with glances of Jason Segal and Paul Rudd.

It was the perfect movie.

It probably all started with “Dazed and Confused” back in the day and that lead to all the Kevin Smith movies including the all-time favorite, “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.”

Even the movies I had to make in college (because I was a video production major) was about a stoner pimp.

(Note: Back when this film was made almost 10 years ago – quality of online video was not that great yet like it is in 2015!)

And then my second movie… about two stoners in college and some goldfish crackers.

The point of this post is… I went to see “The Night Before” yesterday with Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Michael B. Jordan.




And yet, probably my favorite Christmas movie now (besides “Harold and Kumar’s 3D Christmas). The comedy was on point. Drugged out Seth was on point. Special surprise guests (that made me fangirl!) and just plain out good humor. AMAZING.

For a girl that doesn’t do drugs, only drinks when it’s poured down her throat by a Backstreet Boys, I love stoner movies.

And I’m not ashamed.

<3 Karah


I'm a 30-something-year-old fangirl from Georgia, but basically grew up in Florida. I'm a former journalist, but still a writer, blogger and fangirl 24/7. Nick Carter owns me and Joey McIntyre has had my heart since 1987. I've been obsessed with "Friends" since 1995 and love Jay and Silent Bob.

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  1. Amber-Lynn says:

    I have never related to a post so much in my entire life ?
    Night before was so great I love it!!

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