Video: @KevinRichardson to star in thriller, “Saint Mary’s”

saintmarysposterKevin Richardson is going to be in yet another movie, but this time, it’s a thriller.

With “If I Could Tell You” just being shown for the first time in a premiere in and “The Bloody Indulgent” coming out on DVD next month, his next movie is a lot different.

“Saint Mary’s” (or “Saint Mary’s Secret” as it’s being called on is a psychological thriller.

According to

Saint Mary’s Secret is a psychological thriller / horror film drawing similarities to and inspiration from two iconic motion pictures, The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. Set in 1948 in the sleepy old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, Saint Mary’s is a tale that delves into the souls of a number of characters who find themselves drawn to and trapped by the haunted hospital and asylum of Saint Mary’s.

Kevin’s character is named Norman.

Check out a teaser for the movie below (and even a quick glimpse at Kevin in action).

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